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Legacy versions of StoreTender (6.0 - 7.5) record data on a very granular level. Unfortunately, this causes the Shift Transactions table to become unusable over time. Symptoms of a too-large Shift Transactions table are slow Administrator loading, unusable reports and POS transactions that are slow to update to the server.


Version 8.x of StoreTender stores data in a consolidated fashion, which avoids this problem. With all legacy versions currently End-of Life, we recommend that all users of these versions upgrade to the latest version. We offer a Data Import Service to transfer your data (inventory, customers and vendors) into your new installation.


In order to decrease the size of the Shift Transactions table, you'll need to run the Purge utility found within StoreTender Administrator. This is found by navigating to Tools > Purge > Transaction History. You will see the below dialog:




Steps to Purge


First, make a backup of your data. You can access this using Tools > Backup Database. Save the backup to a folder on your "C:" drive.


Select the date that you wish to purge all data through. For example, if you enter 12/31/2014, all data up to and including that date will be purged. Depending on the number of daily transactions you may be able to retain more or less data. You should try keeping 1 year of data and see if that improves responsiveness.

Check the box indicating that you've read the advisory and made a backup. Press "OK" to begin the Purge.



Click "Yes" to confirm your desire to continue with the Purge. Click "No" to cancel the operation.


Depending on the size of your Shift Transactions table, this utility could take several hours to complete. The amount of time to run depends on the amount of your data and the speed of your system. It is not uncommon to have millions of "rows" of data in this table. The Purge utility deletes 50,000 rows at a time. The utility may not preserve customer account balances (depending on whether or not you're using the latest version), so transactions linked to customer charges may be deleted. We suggest ensuring that you're on the latest version for your Administrator software:


  • StoreTender 7.0: the latest version is
  • StoreTender 7.5: the latest version is


Regardless of the version, we recommend running an Accounts Receivable report prior to running this utility. This way you can verify account balances and make adjusting entries if needed.


Once the utility has completed, you'll receive a confirmation dialog:



Restart your StoreTender application when the Purge is complete.

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