Keeping track of damaged and used items

If you keep track of inventory in your store, you may want a way to account for items that are:

  • Damaged and/or unsalable
  • Used by the staff as a kitchen or cleaning supply
  • Stolen, when you are aware of the theft


This can be achieved by attributing a 100% discounted sale to an in-house customer, so your costs and inventory counts remain accurate.


Steps to take

Start by creating a customer (or customers) that reflect the category you are tracking. In the below example we are tracking damaged and wasted (used) products, so we've created a customer named "Damage Waste".



Sell the product(s) you wish to keep track of to the customer in the Point of Sale. You select a customer by entering their account number and pressing the [Account] button, or search by pressing [Find] [Account].



You can check the customer's purchase history by pressing [History] on the Customer Data screen. Keeping an eye on this will prevent your employees from using this customer to ring up "free" items, and keep them accountable. We suggest that they turn in the sales receipt as an additional audit method.



If you see a transaction you don't recognize or approve, you can view the Journal for the day and search for the customer's name. This will show the entire transaction, including the responsible cashier.



You can be as creative as you like, creating customers for Restaurant Usage and more.

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