Creating Price Signs

We're pleased to introduce the Signs printing module, included with your StoreTender Pro and Back Office subscriptions.

With Signs, you can print full, half, quarter or eighth-page signs. Choose from Everyday, Sale or TPR pricing. If your Everyday or Sale has a Price Formula attached, the name of the Formula appears instead of the $ Price, so that you can clearly advertise formulas like "Buy 2 get 1 Free".


To create Signs, navigate from the Main Menu to Tasks > Labeling > Signs. Next, select your preferred size and then the type of sign you wish to make (Everyday, Sale or TPR).

Once you've made your selections above, you'll be shown the product selection screen. Recently changed items will populate automatically, just like Labels. So, if you place an item on Sale and then navigate to the Sale signs screen, the item is there ready to print.

Select the item you wish or use the Wizard to select from a filtered list. Enter the number of signs for each item you want, which defaults to "1".

Press PRINT and your signs will display in the preview window. Select your printer from the print dialog and print your signs.

Note: If your item has a Price Formula, the price field will be replaced with the Price Formula name. For example, if you have a regular item with a price of $3.99 each and a Price Formula named "2 for $6.00", that Price Formula name will appear on the Everyday Low Price sign - instead of the $3.99 price. This is also true of the Sale and TPR Price Signs, but only if there is no Sale or TPR price active at the time. Otherwise, the Sale or TPR Price will be displayed as expected.

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