1. Order and Installation 7

Start here for ordering and installation help

2. Getting Started 6

Guide to setting up StoreTender

3. Inventory 10

Add and edit departments and items you sell

4. Using the Point of Sale 17

Ringing up sales & returns

5. Back Office 6

Get help with Back Office

6. Hardware Devices 9

Setup and troubleshooting your hardware

7. Troubleshooting 9

Tips for common problems

8. Client Area Help 4

Navigating and using the Client Area

9. Integrated Payments & Loyalty Cards 4

Get Integrated Payments & Loyalty Cards

Addon Modules 7

Using the available Addon Modules

Tobacco Scan Data 5

Articles relating to Altria, RJ Reynolds, Helix (on!) and Juul addons

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 Working with Label Printing Scales (Deli Scales)

Label Printing Scales, or Deli/Meat scales, are devices that allow you to weigh an item away from...

 Titan 2-Line VFD Customer Display Setup

Both the SAM4s Titan-160 and Titan-560 support the use of an optional 2-line Vacuum Fluorescent...

 Tobacco Scan Data Addon Modules

AGDC/Philip Morris (PM) and RJ Reynolds (RJRT) have instituted a voluntary program for reporting...

 Barcode Scanner Not Fully Entering Numbers

Programming Tips   Some barcode scanners, when new, may need some "tweaking" to get them...

 Specialized Label Printer

    Programming Your Label Printer   If you're using a specialized label printer, like the...