Set Date & Time on Ingenico Tetra Devices

StoreTender supports the following Ingenico Tetra Payment Devices:
  • Lane/3000
  • Lane/7000

In order to accurately report the date and time of card transactions on receipts, you may have to perform additional configuration steps. If the date and/or time are incorrect on your device, you'll need to follow these steps:


  1. Exit POS to Main Menu, so that Terminal displays "Welcome".
  2. Type “2634” at the Welcome screen.
  3. Press the "F" button to get to the Menu.
  4. Select “Tetra Admin”.
  5. Select “Set Date and Time”.
  6. Select “Set Date”.
  7. Enter date in mm/dd/yyyy format and press “Enter (Green)” key.
  8. Select “Set Time”.
  9. Enter time in 24-hour hh:mm format and press “Enter (Green)” key. (5:15 pm is 17:15)
  10. Press “Cancel (Red)” key 3 times to return to Welcome screen.

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