Supported Devices

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Category Manufacturer Model
Card Readers IDTech AccessMag
Card Readers IDTech EasyMag
Card Readers IDTech MiniMag Duo
Card Readers IDTech MiniMagII
Card Readers IDTech Omni
Card Readers IDTech SecuRed
Card Readers IDTech SecureMag
Card Readers MagTek Dynamag
Card Readers MagTek Javelin
Card Readers MagTek MagneSafe Mini
Card Readers Panasonic All Models
Card Readers Partner All Models
Card Readers Pioneer All Models
Card Readers Preh Keytec All Models
Card Readers Toshiba All Models
Card Readers Touch Dynamic All Models
Cash Drawers APG POS-Podium
Cash Drawers APG Series 100
Cash Drawers APG Series 4000
Cash Drawers APG Vasario
Cash Drawers Logic Controls CD1000
Cash Drawers Logic Controls CD1600
Cash Drawers Logic Controls CD1800
Cash Drawers Logic Controls CD3000
Cash Drawers Logic Controls CD415
Cash Drawers MMF Advantage Series
Cash Drawers MMF Val-U Line Series
Cash Drawers M-S CF-405
Cash Drawers M-S CF-460
Cash Drawers M-S EP-102N
Cash Drawers M-S EP-107N2
Cash Drawers M-S EP-125KL66
Cash Drawers M-S EP-125NK
Cash Drawers M-S EP-125NKL
Cash Drawers M-S EP-127NK
Cash Drawers M-S EP-127SA
Cash Drawers M-S EP-127-SA-23
Cash Drawers M-S EU-103
Cash Drawers M-S EU-103 2-Tier
Cash Drawers M-S EU-103 3-Tier
Cash Drawers M-S HP-121
Cash Drawers M-S HP-122L
Cash Drawers M-S HP-122N
Cash Drawers M-S HP-123N
Cash Drawers M-S J-184
Cash Drawers M-S J-423
Cash Drawers M-S SP-103N
Cash Drawers Partner CDR-5E415
Cash Drawers Posiflex CR-2200
Cash Drawers Posiflex CR-3100
Cash Drawers Posiflex CR-4000
Cash Drawers Posiflex CR-4100
Cash Drawers Posiflex CR-6300
Cash Drawers POS-X EVO-C16H
Cash Drawers POS-X EVO-CD16
Cash Drawers POS-X EVO-CD18
Cash Drawers POS-X ION-CD16
Cash Drawers POS-X ION-CD16
Cash Drawers Toshiba 55G2E
Cash Drawers Toshiba CD824GE
Cash Drawers Toshiba CD824GT
Cash Drawers Toshiba DRWST-51A-4MVK-QM-R
Cash Drawers Toshiba DRWST-51A-6MEK-QM-R
Cash Drawers Toshiba DRWST-51A-MEG-QM
Cash Drawers Toshiba DRWST-64A-US
Cash Drawers Touch Dynamic 1616
Cash Drawers Touch Dynamic 1915
Cash Drawers Touch Dynamic 2000
Check Readers Epson All Models (Printers)
Check Readers MagTek Mini-MICR (USB Keyboard Wedge) 22523009
Check Readers Star All Models (Printers)
Coin Dispensers Talaris InstaChange
Coin Dispensers Telequip T-Flex
Coin Dispensers Telequip Transact
Data Collectors Honeywell All Models
Dial Backup DataCap Dial Backup
Fingerprint Readers DigitalPersona U are U 4500
Keyboards Bematech/Logi Controls KB 1800
Keyboards Bematech/Logi Controls KB 3000
Keyboards Bematech/Logi Controls KB 5000
Keyboards Bematech/Logi Controls LK 1600
Keyboards Bematech/Logi Controls LK 8000
Keyboards Cherry 5140 MPOS
Keyboards Cherry 7000 Series
Keyboards Cherry 7040 Series
Keyboards Cherry 8000 Series
Keyboards Cherry 8200 Series
Keyboards Cherry LPOS
Keyboards Cherry SPOS
Keyboards NCR DynaKey 595x Series
Keyboards Posiflex KB 4000
Keyboards Posiflex KB 6600
Keyboards Posiflex KB 6800
Keyboards Posiflex KP 300
Keyboards Preh MC 128 WX
Keyboards Preh MC 80 WX
Keyboards Preh MC 84 WX
Keyboards Preh MCI 111
Keyboards Preh MCI 128
Keyboards Preh MCI 147
Keyboards Preh MCI 3000
Keyboards Preh MCI 60
Keyboards Preh MCI 84
Keyboards Preh MCI 96
Keyboards Preh MSI 60
Keyboards Toshiba All Models
Label Printers Bixolon SRP-770II
Label Printers CognitiveTPG Advantage DLX
Label Printers CognitiveTPG Advantage LX
Label Printers CognitiveTPG C Series
Label Printers CognitiveTPG CRx
Label Printers CognitiveTPG DXLi
Label Printers CognitiveTPG EZ-Lp
Label Printers Godex DT2
Label Printers Seiko SLP-600 Series
Label Printers SNBC BTP-L580
Label Printers Star TSP-700II
Label Printers Star TSP-800II
Label Printers Star TSP-828L
Label Printers Toshiba B-SV4D
Label Printers Toshiba B-SV4T
Label Printers Toshiba EV4 Series
Label Printers TSC TDP-247 Series
Label Printers TSC TTP-225 Series
Label Printers TSC TTP-243 Pro Series
Label Printers TSC TTP-244 Plus
Label Printers TSC TTP-245C Series
Label Printers TSC TTP-247 Series
Label Printers Wasp WPL-205
Label Printers Wasp WPL-25
Label Printers Wasp WPL-305
Label Printers Wasp WPL-608
Label Printers Wasp WPL-610
Label Printers Zebra 2824 Plus
Label Printers Zebra G-Series
Label Printers Zebra G-Series GK
Label Printers Zebra G-Series GX
Payment Terminals Verifone MX-830 (Discontinued)
Payment Terminals Verifone MX-850 (Discontinued)
Payment Terminals Verifone MX-860 (Discontinued)
Payment Terminals Verifone MX-870 (Discontinued)
Payment Terminals Verifone MX-880 (Discontinued)
Payment Terminals Verifone MX-915 (Non-EMV)
Payment Terminals Verifone MX-925 (Non-EMV)
Pin Pads Verifone 1000SE (Discontinued)
Pole Displays AdvanPOS Built-In
Pole Displays Bixolon BCD 1000
Pole Displays Emax 2×20
Pole Displays Epson DM-D110
Pole Displays Epson DM-D210
Pole Displays Epson DM-D500
Pole Displays Epson DM-D805
Pole Displays Logic Controls CD-6220
Pole Displays Logic Controls LD-9000
Pole Displays Logic Controls LT-9000
Pole Displays Logic Controls LV-3000
Pole Displays Logic Controls PD-3000
Pole Displays Logic Controls PD-3200
Pole Displays Logic Controls PD-3400
Pole Displays Logic Controls PD-3500
Pole Displays Logic Controls PD-3900
Pole Displays Logic Controls PD-6000
Pole Displays Logic Controls PD-6200
Pole Displays Logic Controls PD-6500
Pole Displays Logic Controls PD-6900
Pole Displays Logic Controls TD-3000
Pole Displays Logic Controls TD-3000
Pole Displays Panasonic Built-In
Pole Displays Partner CD-5220
Pole Displays Partner CD-7220
Pole Displays Partner CD-8220
Pole Displays Pioneer Built-In
Pole Displays Posiflex Built-In
Pole Displays Posiflex PD-2200
Pole Displays POS-X Xp-8200
Pole Displays Toshiba Built-In
Pole Displays Touch Dynamic Built-In
Receipt Printers Bixolon SRP-103 II
Receipt Printers Bixolon SRP-150
Receipt Printers Bixolon SRP-270
Receipt Printers Bixolon SRP-275 II
Receipt Printers Bixolon SRP-350 II
Receipt Printers Bixolon SRP-350 Plus II
Receipt Printers Bixolon SRP-500
Receipt Printers Bixolon SRP-F310
Receipt Printers Citizen CD-S500
Receipt Printers Citizen CT-S2000
Receipt Printers Citizen CT-S280
Receipt Printers Citizen CT-S281
Receipt Printers Citizen CT-S310II
Receipt Printers Citizen CT-S4000
Receipt Printers Citizen CT-S601
Receipt Printers Citizen CT-S651
Receipt Printers Citizen CT-S851
Receipt Printers Citizen iDP-3550
Receipt Printers CognitiveTPG A-798
Receipt Printers CognitiveTPG A-799
Receipt Printers Epson TM-H2000
Receipt Printers Epson TM-H6000II
Receipt Printers Epson TM-H6000III
Receipt Printers Epson TM-H6000IV
Receipt Printers Epson TM-T20
Receipt Printers Epson TM-T70
Receipt Printers Epson TM-T88
Receipt Printers Epson TM-T88II
Receipt Printers Epson TM-T88III
Receipt Printers Epson TM-T88IV
Receipt Printers Epson TM-T88V
Receipt Printers Epson TM-T90
Receipt Printers Epson TM-U220
Receipt Printers Epson TM-U230
Receipt Printers Epson TM-U295
Receipt Printers Epson TM-U325
Receipt Printers Epson TM-U375
Receipt Printers Epson TM-U675
Receipt Printers Epson TM-U950
Receipt Printers Ithaca 150
Receipt Printers Ithaca 280
Receipt Printers Ithaca 8000
Receipt Printers Ithaca 8040
Receipt Printers Ithaca 9000
Receipt Printers OKI 441
Receipt Printers OKI 407II
Receipt Printers OKI 425D
Receipt Printers OKI 425S
Receipt Printers OKI PH-640
Receipt Printers OKI PT-330
Receipt Printers OKI PT-390
Receipt Printers OKI RT-322
Receipt Printers Partner Built-In
Receipt Printers Partner RP-320
Receipt Printers Partner TP-7688
Receipt Printers Pioneer Asterix ST-EP4
Receipt Printers Pioneer Built-In
Receipt Printers Posiflex PP-6800
Receipt Printers Posiflex PP-8000
Receipt Printers Posiflex PP-9000
Receipt Printers POS-X EVO Green
Receipt Printers POS-X EVO RP1
Receipt Printers POS-X Xr-200
Receipt Printers POS-X Xr-210
Receipt Printers POS-X Xr-500
Receipt Printers POS-X Xr-510
Receipt Printers Seiko Qaliber RP-E Series
Receipt Printers SNBC BTP-M280
Receipt Printers SNBC BTP-R580
Receipt Printers SNBC BTP-R880NP
Receipt Printers SNBC BTP-R980
Receipt Printers Star SP-700
Receipt Printers Star TSP-100 ECO
Receipt Printers Star TSP-100 GT
Receipt Printers Star TSP-143 GT
Receipt Printers Star TSP-650
Receipt Printers Star TSP-700II
Receipt Printers Toshiba TRST-A00
Receipt Printers Toshiba TRST-A10
Receipt Printers Toshiba TRST-A12
Receipt Printers Toshiba TRST-A15
Receipt Printers Touch Dynamic PR IM
Receipt Printers Touch Dynamic T25
Receipt Printers Touch Dynamic TB4
Receipt Printers Touch Dynamic TB-650
Receipt Printers Touch Dynamic TP-3000
Report Printers Brother All-In-One
Report Printers Brother Ink Jet
Report Printers Brother Laser
Report Printers Canon All-In-One
Report Printers Canon Ink Jet
Report Printers Canon Laser
Report Printers Citizen All-In-One
Report Printers Citizen Ink Jet
Report Printers Citizen Laser
Report Printers Epson All-In-One
Report Printers Epson Ink Jet
Report Printers Epson Laser
Report Printers Generic All-In-One
Report Printers Generic Ink Jet
Report Printers Generic Laser
Report Printers HP All-In-One
Report Printers HP Ink Jet
Report Printers HP Laser
Report Printers Konica Minolta All-In-One
Report Printers Konica Minolta Ink Jet
Report Printers Konica Minolta Laser
Report Printers Kyocera All-In-One
Report Printers Kyocera Ink Jet
Report Printers Kyocera Laser
Report Printers Lanier All-In-One
Report Printers Lanier Ink Jet
Report Printers Lanier Laser
Report Printers Lexmark All-In-One
Report Printers Lexmark Ink Jet
Report Printers Lexmark Laser
Report Printers Microsoft All-In-One
Report Printers Microsoft Ink Jet
Report Printers Microsoft Laser
Report Printers Okidata All-In-One
Report Printers Okidata Ink Jet
Report Printers Okidata Laser
Report Printers Ricoh All-In-One
Report Printers Ricoh Ink Jet
Report Printers Ricoh Laser
Report Printers Samsung All-In-One
Report Printers Samsung Ink Jet
Report Printers Samsung Laser
Report Printers Savin All-In-One
Report Printers Savin Ink Jet
Report Printers Savin Laser
Report Printers Sharp All-In-One
Report Printers Sharp Ink Jet
Report Printers Sharp Laser
Report Printers SII All-In-One
Report Printers SII Ink Jet
Report Printers SII Laser
Report Printers Xerox All-In-One
Report Printers Xerox Ink Jet
Report Printers Xerox Laser
Scale Management Invatron Plum
Scales Avery Berkel 6700 Series
Scales CAS PD-1
Scales CAS PD-2
Scales CAS POS
Scales Honeywell Stratos 20xx (Dual Cable)
Scales Honeywell Stratos 21xx (Dual Cable)
Scales Honeywell Stratos 23xx (Dual Cable)
Scales Honeywell Stratos 24xx (Dual Cable)
Scales NCR 7800 (Dual Cable)
Scales NCR 7870 (Dual Cable)
Scales NCR 7875 (Dual Cable)
Scales NCR 7880 (Dual Cable)
Scales NCR 7890 (Dual Cable)
Scales Pennsylvania 7300 Series
Scanner Scales Datalogic Magellan 8100 (Recommended)
Scanner Scales Datalogic Magellan 8200 (Recommended)
Scanner Scales Datalogic Magellan 8300 (Recommended)
Scanner Scales Datalogic Magellan 8400 (Recommended)
Scanner Scales Datalogic Magellan 8500 (Recommended)
Scanner Scales Honeywell Stratos 20xx (Limited support – not recommended)
Scanner Scales Honeywell Stratos 21xx (Limited support – not recommended)
Scanner Scales Honeywell Stratos 23xx (Limited support – not recommended)
Scanner Scales Honeywell Stratos 24xx (Limited support – not recommended)
Scanner Scales NCR 7800 (Limited support – not recommended)
Scanner Scales NCR 7870 (Limited support – not recommended)
Scanner Scales NCR 7875 (Limited support – not recommended)
Scanner Scales NCR 7880 (Limited support – not recommended)
Scanner Scales NCR 7890 (Limited support – not recommended)
Scanners Adesso Nu Scan 1000P
Scanners Adesso Nu Scan 1000U
Scanners Adesso Nu Scan 2100U
Scanners Adesso Nu Scan 3200P
Scanners Adesso Nu Scan 3200U
Scanners Datalogic Magellan 1100i
Scanners Datalogic Magellan 1400i
Scanners Datalogic Magellan 2300
Scanners Datalogic Magellan 3200
Scanners Datalogic Magellan 800i
Scanners Datalogic Magellan 8100
Scanners Datalogic Magellan 8200
Scanners Datalogic Magellan 8300
Scanners Datalogic Magellan 8400
Scanners Datalogic Magellan 8500
Scanners Honeywell 8520
Scanners Honeywell 8550
Scanners Honeywell 8560
Scanners Honeywell 3800gHD
Scanners Honeywell 3800gPDF
Scanners Honeywell 3800i Series
Scanners Honeywell 3800r
Scanners Honeywell 4800i Series
Scanners Honeywell Eclipse 5145
Scanners Honeywell Fusion 3780
Scanners Honeywell Genisis 7580
Scanners Honeywell Horizon 7600
Scanners Honeywell Hyperion 1300g
Scanners Honeywell Orbit 7120
Scanners Honeywell OrbitGC 7180
Scanners Honeywell Quantum T 3580
Scanners Honeywell Solaris
Scanners Honeywell Stratos 20xx (Dual Cable)
Scanners Honeywell Stratos 21xx (Dual Cable)
Scanners Honeywell Stratos 23xx (Dual Cable)
Scanners Honeywell Stratos 24xx (Dual Cable)
Scanners Honeywell Stratus 2700
Scanners Honeywell Voyager 1200g
Scanners Honeywell Voyager 1250g
Scanners Honeywell Voyager 1400
Scanners Honeywell Voyager 95X0
Scanners Honeywell VoyagerGS 9590
Scanners Honeywell Vuquest 3310g
Scanners Honeywell Xenon 1900 Series
Scanners NCR 7800 (Dual Cable)
Scanners NCR 7870 (Dual Cable)
Scanners NCR 7875 (Dual Cable)
Scanners NCR 7880 (Dual Cable)
Scanners NCR 7890 (Dual Cable)
Scanners Symbol DS-9808
Scanners Symbol LS-1203
Scanners Symbol LS-1203 HD
Scanners Symbol LS-2208
Scanners Symbol LS-4208
Scanners Symbol LS-4278
Scanners Symbol LS-7708
Scanners Symbol LS-7808
Scanners Symbol LS-9203i
Scanners Symbol LS-9208i
Scanners Unitech MS-180
Scanners Unitech MS-210
Scanners Unitech MS-335
Scanners Unitech MS-380
Scanners Unitech MS-837
Scanners Unitech MS-840
Scanners Unitech MS-840B
Scanners Unitech MS-842
Scanners Wasp WCS-3900
Scanners Wasp WDI-4500
Scanners Wasp WLR-8950
Scanners Wasp WLS-9500
Scanners Wasp WPS-150
Scanners Wasp WWS-450
Scanners Wasp WWS-550i
Scanners Wasp WWS-800
Scanners Wasp WWS-850
Systems AdvanPOS H-POS
Systems HP RP 5000
Systems HP RP3 Model 3100
Systems HP RP7 Model 7100
Systems HP RP7 Model 7800
Systems Panasonic Envo
Systems Panasonic Lite-Ray
Systems Panasonic Sting-Ray
Systems PartnerTech PT-1500
Systems PartnerTech PT-6215
Systems PartnerTech PT-6910
Systems PartnerTech SP-1000C
Systems PartnerTech SP-800
Systems Pioneer 12″ S-Line
Systems Pioneer 12″ Stealth-M2
Systems Pioneer 15″ S-Line
Systems Pioneer 15″ Stealth-M5
Systems Pioneer 17″ S-Line
Systems Pioneer 17″ Stealth-M7
Systems Pioneer MagnusBoxi
Systems Posiflex FT6615 Series
Systems Posiflex KS6700 Series
Systems Posiflex KS6900 Series
Systems Posiflex KS7200 Series
Systems Posiflex KS7300 Series
Systems Posiflex KS7700 Series
Systems Posiflex TP8300 Series
Systems Posiflex TX3000 Series
Systems Posiflex XP3315 Series
Systems POS-X EVO-PC4
Systems POS-X EVO-PC4 Pro
Systems POS-X EVO-TP2
Systems POS-X EVO-TP4
Systems POS-X EVO-TP4 Pro
Systems POS-X EVO-TP4 TruFlat
Systems Toshiba MA-600
Systems Toshiba WILLPOS A10 (ST-A10)
Systems Toshiba WILLPOS A20 (ST-A20)
Systems Toshiba WILLPOS B10 (ST-B10)
Systems Toshiba WILLPOS B20 (ST-B20)
Systems Toshiba WILLPOS C10 (ST-C10)
Systems Toshiba WILLPOS M30 (ST-M30)
Systems Touch Dynamic Breeze AIO
Systems Touch Dynamic Breeze Performance AIO
Systems Touch Dynamic Galaxy
Systems Touch Dynamic Jupiter PC
Systems Touch Dynamic Orion Performance
Systems Touch Dynamic Pulse AIO
Systems Touch Dynamic Saturn AIO
Systems Touch Dynamic Saturn Atom PC