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StoreTender ProWhat is StoreTender Online?

We developed a complete Point of Sale software (POS) solution for retailers like you who need to quickly and accurately ring up customers, keep track of sales and manage their inventory and employees. With StoreTender Online you can create discounts and promotions; print shelf and barcode labels; accept credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards; and much more! Our touch screen interface is intuitive and easy to learn. We give you the tools you need to manage and grow your business.


Point of Sale

Ring up sales quickly and accurately using the touch-screen interface or use a keyboard. All functions for POS transactions are at your fingertips. Scan items, apply discounts and collect payments quickly and easily.


Food Service

Does your business also provide food service, like sandwiches or pizza? StoreTender Online can handle your entire menu from food items to modifiers. You can even take call-ahead orders and place them on hold. Print orders to kitchen (prep) printers or even KDS systems.


Produce Chart

Can’t remember the PLU code for tangerines?  StoreTender Online comes with a nifty Produce Chart. Just add the 4-digit PLU code items you sell to your inventory and they will be matched to those in our 940 item database.


Screen Designer

Create up to 100 screens for your POS. Sell frequently sold items or inventory without a barcode with no problem. Just create a Screen with buttons directly to your most popular items. Even create specialty screens for entire departments, subdepartments, items on sale and more. See Video


Tendering Sales

You’ve zipped through the customer’s items and now it’s time to get payment.  StoreTender Online supports a variety of payment methods – from cash, EBT, WIC, debit, gift cards and more. Manufacturer coupons can be redeemed right out-of-the-box. Employee and customer discounts are easily defined.  We even support in-house charge accounts. With integrated card processing you can eliminate double-entry mistakes and long dial-up wait times.  We’ve partnered with some of the top names in merchant processing to give you great service and rates.  Click to learn more about merchant processing.

Store Management

cloud supermarket pos system, c-store posData & Security

StoreTender Online keeps the information you need safe – using Cloud-based data storage that won’t shut down your POS when the internet isn’t available. You can keep track of:


supermarket pos software inventoryPurchasing & Receiving

Manage your inventory quickly and easily.  Create automated purchase orders based on minimum and maximum quantities. Receive from invoice and keep track of costs and expenses. Update pricing based on cost or desired margin.

convenience store POS, employee time clock

Time Clock

Keep track of employee hours worked with the built in time clock feature. Also supports “split-shifts”.


grocery store point of sale system, employee schedulingWork Schedules

Create and print employee schedules. Keep track of vacation, holiday and sick days. With the employee scheduler, everyone is on the “same page”.

grocery pos shelf label

Label Maker

Print shelf and item labels from within StoreTender Online. Labels can be printed using low-cost label stock and a standard Windows printer. Item labels can also be printed using a Zebra barcode label printer. Print regular price, sale price and WIC labels with just a few clicks.



StoreTender can print out signs for your everyday, sale and TPR (reduced) priced items. These full-color signs come in full-page, half-page, quarter-page and eighth-page sizes.

E-Plum Enterprise Scale Manager

Scale Management Solutions

StoreTender has integrated support for E-Plum Enterprise Scale Manager, by Invatron – the #1 deployed solution for scale and fresh item management. Synchronize data between StoreTender and all your fresh department scales and label printers centrally, regardless of manufacturer. Add, edit and delete your critical scale data – including PLUs, Nutrition Facts, Ingredients and COOL Text. Check the list of supported scales.


Reports grocery POS sales report

Detailed, up-to-date information about your business is at your fingertips. StoreTender Online’s comprehensive suite of reports gives you the insights you need to take your business to the next level.

Take advantage of discounts and rebates from your vendors! With the Tobacco Scan Data Addon Modules, you can generate scan data reports for Altria/Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds.

Sales and Promotions

storetender pos, sale pricingEveryday & Sale Pricing

Update regular and sales pricing with just a few clicks. StoreTender Online can help you grow your business by keeping a watchful eye on margins and costs.

Pricing Types & Formulas
  • Predefined Price
  • Markdown from Retail %
  • Markdown from Retail $
  • Markup from Cost %
  • Markup from Cost $
  • Profit Margin %
  • Mask Last Digit .##
  • Quantity Limits
  • Qty / Price (2 for $1.00)
  • Qty Multiple / % Discount (for each 2 save 10%)
  • Qty Threshold / % Discount (2 or more save 10%)
grocery pos, pricing formula wizardPlus, StoreTender Online has a powerful Pricing Formula Wizard!

supermarket pos, loyalty program, frequent shopperCustomer Loyalty

Reward your customers and build loyalty. Keeping track of important customer data helps you service their needs. Customers can be added “on-the-fly” at checkout.  Just by scanning a loyalty card at the POS, you can enter new customers and start building your loyalty program. Keep your customers happy with Frequent Shopper programs that reward their patronage.

Training and Support

storetender support


grocery store point of sale knowledgebase

Online Support

We’re committed to helping you make the most of StoreTender Online.  If you’re looking for help or tips we’re there for you.  Check out the Knowledgebase, or view the online User Guides.  Paid subscribers can submit support tickets to get help when you need it. Standard Support is included with monthly and annual subscription plans.


storetender phone supportPremium Support

Sometimes you need help and just want to speak to someone. We understand and have developed an add-on service that puts you in direct contact with our Support Team, without waiting on hold. Our premium support service allows you to request a priority call-back from our dedicated support staff during normal business hours. You can initiate these requests via email, support ticket or right from within the software. Premium support members also get first-response priority on all support tickets. Order here.

Credit Cards
Ingenico LANE/7000
MERCHANT SERVICES | Credit, Debit, EBT, Gift & Loyalty
With 60% of all retail transactions involving a credit or debit card, you can’t afford to not accept them. And, surveys have shown that consumers have more confidence in businesses that accept credit cards. Integrate your merchant processing with StoreTender though our Preferred Processor Program for EMV (chip card) support and competitive rates! No more double-entry mistakes and transactions will take seconds, increasing customer satisfaction. Available for U.S. merchants only.



Loyalty Cards
grocery store loyalty program, custom loyalty cards

Custom Loyalty Cards

Loyalty programs build your brand every time a customer uses his loyalty card or key tag. The right incentives built around loyalty programs can bring in new customers and encourage existing customers to purchase more products per visit, and shop more often. All of this contributes dramatically to growing same store sales, reinforcing your brand identity and market position – giving you an edge over the competition.

Form Factor Optionssupermarket loyalty cards

  • Single cards, key tags or combos
  • Combination mailer incorporating promotional messages with the card
  • Loyalty card with an application form for streamlining the enrollment process
  • Mailers/applications scored, perforated or folded in numerous configurations

We can help you develop the card program that’s right for your business and tailored to your customers’ needs. Our loyalty products support your program goals with unique and attractive pieces that incorporate custom artwork and data. The end result – professionally designed cards and key tags produced in vibrant, long-lasting colors that are an impressive reflection of your brand.

Pricing varies based on form factor, design and quantities. Contact us today to get a quote.

Tobacco Scan Data

Tobacco Scan Data Reporting

Take advantage of discounts and rebates from your vendors! With the Tobacco Scan Data Addon Modules, you can generate scan data reports for Altria/Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds. The reports are compliant with the latest program specifications and produce ready-to-submit scan data reports. The reasonably priced Addon Modules are priced per-store and available as a monthly or annual subscription.

OLCC Reporting

OLCC File Transfer Utility

Oregon Liquor Agents can comply with OLCC reporting requirements, using the OLCC File Transfer Utility add-on. We’re certified with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and make a breeze of your daily reporting requirements. Download pricing and customer lists, submit orders and report sales & inventory.