Commissions Feature

Complete Commission Setup can be accessed via Data>Staff>Commissions (Permission controlled)

POS Preparation

  • A Salesperson Function has been added to the screen designer. It is function # 301
    • The Cashier does not need to be the Salesperson assigned to the sale.
  • A Find Salesperson Function has been added to the screen designer. It is function # 302
  • The Find + Salesperson functions can be used as a macro [24] [301] in lieu of function 302

POS Usage (Use any one the following):

  • Employee Number followed by [301]
  • Use the Find + Salesperson function [24] [301]
  • Use the Find Salesperson function [302]


  • The salesperson can be entered before, during or after items.
  • The salesperson can be changed or voided all together if necessary.
  • Split commissions are not supported. Only one salesperson can be added per transaction.

Commissions are earned when the following is true:

  • Commissions are activated in the Commissions dialog.
  • A salesperson is entered before the transaction is concluded.
  • The Department of the item sold is marked commissionable in the Commissions dialog.
  • The employee has a commission percentage defined in the Commissions dialog.
  • The commission is based on whether Gross or Net is selected in the Commissions dialog.

Commission Reports are available by navigating to Reports > Employee > Commissions (for HQ use Reports > Accounting > Commissions). Select the date and (if desired) employee to filter by. The report lists total commissions or spiffs earned.

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